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Some of Tor Olav's POV-Ray Images

To create the shapes in these images I have used three different techniques:
Isosurfaces, NURBS meshes and Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG).
No NURBS primitives are available in POV-Ray, so I have made POV-Ray macros that can generate
univariate NURBS (e.g. curves), bivariate NURBS (e.g. surfaces) and trivariate NURBS (e.g. mesh deformations).
I have provided the source code for some of the images.


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Where circular wrinkles are born (isosurface) Shapes blobbed together (isosurface) Inspired by Escher (isosurface)
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Kind of Villarceau Circles (CSG)
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A Moebius Band as a Trefoil Knot (Mesh) A Braided Trefoil Knot A Trefoil Knot


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Spherical Splash (isosurface) Nine Torii (2 isosurfaces) Exponential spirals mapped onto a Rieman Sphere (isosurface)
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Green glass sphere with holes (CSG shape) Kind of Sphere Spirals (isosurface)


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A trivariate NURBS shape Spherical Mushrooms (CSG shape) A bivariate NURBS surface
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Distorted sombrero function (isosurface)
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A quadrivariate NURBS used to deform a mesh
This is an MPEG animation. Try to play it in a loop.


Pictures on this page: Copyright 2001-2010 by Tor Olav Kristensen.
All these images are created with POV-Ray, which is a free and open source ray-tracing program.

The homepage of POV-Ray:

There are also several newsgroups for POV-Ray at this news server: or news://

There's a POV-Ray wiki here:

The POV-Ray team has also made a website for POV-Ray rendering competitions:

You can find more of my POV-Ray images here and in this newsgroup.

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